Merch Booth Out-Of-The-Box Pack

On sale! £239.95


100 CD’s:

- Duplicated to Audio CD that work on all CD players
- Full colour design on CD
- Sturdy card, printed on both sides in full colour
- Plastic wallet, to ensure longevity and easily transportable


- 100 full colour stickers, with your band logo.

- 300 credit card sized band and fan cards

- X25 A3 Merch Booth Posters

- X25 A3 Venue Posters

- X100 Double sided A5 Flyers

- X1 Mailing List Book

- X1 Money Box

- Pens, Markers, & Adhesive Putty

Delivered in a sturdy box, perfect for use on the road.

All A3 posters are delivered in cardboard tubes

A5 Flyers in A4 bubble wrap envelope.

Included Design and Consultation


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